We connect people –
digital and hyperlocal
live. work. share. care.
What we stand for
connecting people. revitalize villages.  making resources visible. supporting neighbourhoods. promoting
the local economy. combat loneliness. ensure and enable self-determination.

for everyone. personal, local and digital.

our aim

We are putting real life connections back at the very centre of the community so that everyone can participate and live independently.

  • Connecting people, across generations
  • Make existing resources visible and easily accessible for everyone
  • Promoting encounters, exchanges, neighborhood help and social participation in society – for everyone
  • Digital inclusion through a hybrid approach

Five people. Five perspectives.

One vision.

Together we are working on the community of the future - locally connected and accessible to everybody.

Alexandra Signer
Co-Founder & Chief Why Not
Management Business Strategy & Development
Ilona Rohner
Co-Founder & Chief Because
Management Business Operations & Finance
Christian Wenger
Business Strategy & Legal Advisor Wenger Vieli
Madlaina Kalunder
Chief Connecting Worlds
User Experience Design & Software Development
Fabian Goslar
Chief Social Alchemist
Community Building
Status Quo


We are facing social challenges that require innovative solutions.

a group of people in a circle
1 of 3
of all people feel lonely
a stretched out hand holding a heart
> 30%
are looking for a meaningful task
an elderly woman with a cane
1 to 2
one pensioner for every two employees
a computer and a mobile phone, crossed out
have little digital skills or literacy
housing units
would like to go into a retirement home
a double bed
warm and not booked hotel rooms
start your community.
Together, we are creating living spaces instead of living spaces – for people of all generations and social classes.
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